Starting from 0.9, Feed2tweet now supports plugins. Plugins offer optional features, not supported by default. Optional means you need a dedicated configuration and sometimes a dedicated external dependencies. What you need for each module is specified below.


The InfluxDB plugin allows to store already published tweets in a InfluxDB database.

Install the InfluxDB plugin

To install Feed2tweet with the InfluxDB plugin, execute the following command.

From scratch:

# pip3 install feed2tweet[influxdb]

Upgrading from a previous version, execute the followin command:

# pip3 install feed2tweet[influxdb] --upgrade


Below is the block of configuration to add in your feed2tweet.ini:

  • host: the host where the influxdb instance is. Defaults to
  • port: the port where the influxdb instance is listening to. Defaults to 8086
  • user: the user authorized to connect to the database. Mandatory (no default)
  • pass: the password needed to connect to the database. Mandatory (no default)
  • database: the name of the influxdb database to connect to. Mandatory (no default)
  • measurement: the measurement to store the value into. Mandatory (no default)